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Most of the following opinion columns by Tom O'Connor have been previously published by Stuff in the Waikato Times.

NZ general election 2020 results

27 October 2020
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There will be attempts to define the collective will of voters by us commentators and we are fortunate that we are not selected and easily ignored. Which is precisely how should be. After more than half a century of observing people and politics this move to the political left however was dramatic enough to demand comment.

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Cannabis Law Change not worth it

12 October 2020
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We are being asked to approve something which is potentially harmful to at least some vulnerable people so that others can get high. Given that there are so many other ways for people to enjoy themselves, legalising cannabis is probably not a good idea.

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No room for politics in pandemics

20 August 2020
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We won the first round against Covid-19 on points only. We took a bit of a hammering and collected a few bruises in the process but the fight is far from over. We also dodged a few low blows from some in the audience who wanted the government to drop its guard and relax border controls.

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Fanciful Tales of History

28 July 2020
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Have we become a little too sensitive about our history? Riding in on the coat tails of an ill-informed public stoush over monuments to New Zealand’s colonial past Sir William Gallagher has again pushed the fury buttons of a few people when he claimed there were humans in New Zealand at the time of the…

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Government support for Gambling hard to justify

16 May 2020
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As many New Zealanders and business owners burst their boilers and bubbles trying to return to some form of normality after Covid-19 we have the opportunity to decide at least some of the elements which will make up that new normal. There seems little doubt that we will have to become more self-reliant than we have been for the past century or more

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Pandemic – a chance to re-set NZ tourism

18 April 2020
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Last week Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis launched a project in which Government and industry leaders will work together on a plan to restart tourism. They should not forget that we have been priced out of, and crowded out of, our favourite outdoor places for far too long by tourists while the industry ignored pleas to slow down and reduce the harm. Instead, with single minded determination, the industry went courting ever greater numbers each year with the misleading Clean Green propaganda message

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Return to old ways with Novel Coronavirus

11 April 2020
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In times of adversity we should remember how our parents and grandparents managed in difficult times. Most of us have heard about the impact on society of the Great Depression of the 1930s and the Second World War which followed.

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