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Most of the following opinion columns by Tom O'Connor have been previously published by Stuff in the Waikato Times.

Infrastructure for Tourism

12 November 2017
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With the last of the winter tourists hardly out of the country the first of the summer crowd is already on the way and we are still not ready for them.  Like a persistent sponging relative no one wants to offend the tourism industry is asking for massive amounts of money from taxpayers and ratepayers…

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A King’s endorsement fails

6 October 2017
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The Kingitanga is, by its very nature, a political organisation but should it dabble in politics or not? Earlier this year the current Maori King Tuheita made the surprising announcement to endorse specific political parties in the lead up to the NZ general election. Was it a desperate move or a mistake?

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John Cowell’s House at Te Pahu

15 July 2017
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John Cowell’s trading enterprises must have been profitable as the house was a substantial kit set building purchased from England and shipped as deck cargo on one of the early immigrant ships.

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