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 Te Rauparaha series

Historical fiction trilogy based on the true events of Ngāti Toarangatira and their fighting leader, Te Rauparaha.  The three books were originally published in 2004, 2006 and 2011. In recent years, second hand copies fetched exorbitant prices over $200 each on the open market. The original publishers were no longer able to reprint these books so Tom sought the publishing rights to republish them himself. This was the first publishing project Tom's daughter, Kirsten, took on.

Historical Fiction novels

This trilogy reveals the little known and fascinating true stories of New Zealand’s Maori history at the time of early European arrival, especially Te Rauparaha and his tribe, Ngati Toarangatira (Ngati Toa). Told through the eyes of a fictional character, Te Rou Rou, the story draws on extensive written histories, oral traditions, ancient songs and knowledgeable elders. The tales of heroism, treachery, Maori cultural norms of the time and the spiritual influences on tribal life are all historically accurate.


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