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Bunty Preece

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Biography of Alfred (Bunty) Preece of the Chatham Islands, soldier, farmer, local body politician, kaumatua and tireless advocate for his people. His recollections of the Italian Campaign of World War Two and the effect of those two and a half years were but the beginning of a lifetime of dedication to the welfare of others. Told in both Maori and English it tells the first hand-experiences, some of them terrifying and others incredibly sad, of a young man at war.

Maori Translation by Kingi Ihaka

ISBN 987-0-9876665-4-3 Published 2012 by John Douglas Publishing. Hardcover with dust jacket.

The Irish Convict Series

True stories of several real Irishmen in the early 1800s are told through the adventures of the fictional Maurice O'Brien. After being convicted and transported to New South Wales, he escapes to New Zealand to carve out a new life with heathen savages and a new name.  Hoping for peace and anonymity, he finds anything but.  Maurice witnesses New Zealand’s pivotal moments as the Maori grapple with the arrival of Pakeha.  When tensions rise over land, he must decide whose side is he on.


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