Tides of Kawhia – third edition

Tides of Kawhia – third edition


The first of a historical fiction trilogy based on the true events of Ngati Toarangatira and their fighting leader Te Rauparaha. Told through the eyes of a slave, Rou, the story gives incredible insight to the way Maori people lived before Europeans arrived.

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ISBN: 978-0-473-56810-8 Third edition published by Kirsten Wilson Publishing. Trade paperback. 150 x 230mm (6″ x 9″ a conventional novel size). 312 pages.

A historical novel on the life of New Zealand’s legendary fighting leader Te Rauparaha in the early 1800’s.  Tides of Kawhia is the first of a trilogy. Followed by Pathways of Taranaki and Shadows of Kapiti.

Crammed with fascinating historical details, this novel introduces the reader to the enigmatic figure of Te Rauparaha. In the late eighteenth century, Kawhia is the prosperous heart of the people of Ngati Toarangatira. But, beyond the borders ominous changes threaten to drive the iwi from their coastal stronghold. In the north, Nga Puhi acquire muskets, and to the east the Waikato tribes cast envious eyes on the bountiful waters and forests of Kawhia. Into this mix the child Maui Potiki is born. He is later called Te Rauparaha, a name that today ripples down the pages of New Zealand history. The young Te Rauparaha uses his wits, courage and audacity to become a military strategist, accomplished politician and tribal leader. Sharing his exploits is Te Rou Rou, born into slavery who, like the young man of rank, uses intelligence to improve his status in the often dangerous tribal life of the time. When simmering animosities between the inland peoples explode into all-out-war, hundreds of warriors are left on the battlefield. In Tides of Kawhia, deadly fights and ancient Maori ritual mingle with delicate poetry and an impetuous hot-blooded people, bringing to life a period of history and a society unknown to many.

Drawing on written histories, oral traditions and ancient songs the author tells a little known but fascinatingly true story behind the exploits of Te Rauparaha and his people.

The tales of heroism, tragedy, a strict code of chiefly conduct and the early impact of muskets and European ships are all historically accurate. However, driven by competition for trade with the recently arrive Pakeha, many tribes put aside ancient protocols that limited warfare. The result was a quarter of a century of intertribal bloodletting and near extinction of some tribes.

Contains violence, cannibalism and references to rape and sex.

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