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Irish Convict: Troubled Waters


Irish Convict: Troubled Waters is the sequel to the original book Irish Convict novel that was published in 2019 by a different publisher. Troubled Waters is the fifth book in the new Irish Convict series.

Having tempted fate and revisited Ireland, as many Irish convicts did, Maurice O’Brien is grief stricken at the state of his homeland following the devastation of the potato famine a few years earlier. Disease starvation and forced immigration have all but depopulated many parts of the country. His family no longer exists and the country is in ruins.

In spite of a tempting offer he decides to return to New Zealand and remain there but, like many before him, finding a ship home proves difficult and he is forced to find work in England to survive.

When he finally finds a ship to take him back to New Zealand it is the ill-fated Oliver Lang which is involved in a collision at sea and reaches New Zealand in a damaged state and eventually abandoned in Wellington Harbour where her remains still lie.

While he has been away New Zealand has also changed with the threat of war looming over land in Taranaki.

ISBN: 9781738623457
Paperback. 162 pages. (152 x 229mm) 12mm spine
Genre: Historical Fiction. New Zealand
Kirsten Wilson Publishing
Release date: 29 November 2023

SKU: 256005

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