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Looking back over the past 12 months there is much to be proud of and just a little to intensely dislike about us Kiwis. Reflection is something we like to do in the aftermath of Christmas indulgence which some of us resolve never to repeat but mostly fail. Considering what ...
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Lattes to Orchard Ladders

October 21, 2021
Constant calls from the tourism industry to open New Zealand’s border with Australia seem to be drowning out several other more important calls.The first call the tourism industry appears not be hearing from the Government is that we must remain vigilant to keep Covid-19 o...
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We have proven to ourselves, and to the world, that we are very good at handling emergencies when we all pull together for a common cause. An example is our covid-19 response which has been one of the most effective in the world.We also know that when we don’t pull togethe...
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